Orenda Retreats


That's why we created Orenda Retreats!

Orenda means:

An internal summoning of personal strength to change fate and the courage to love against all obstacles.

In our overwhelmed and busy schedules, it’s easy to lose our internal knowing. Many of life’s answers are within you and in the connection to the people around you. When you connect inward, with source, and with other like-minded people, you can connect to your Divine purpose and connect to answers that will move your life forward. The goal of the Orenda Retreat is to help busy women do just that! Mixed with rejuvenation, this is the perfect place to come to recenter, connect, and renew!

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Connect & Awaken

Our retreats help you connect and awaken. Bringing you closer to yourself, allowing you to connect with an amazing tribe of women, and reawaken your Divine channel. Those who attend our retreats have the ability to get answers to their highest good instantly–we help you reconnect to that or strengthen that if you are already connected.

Meet Your Hosts Angela & April

Angela and April met for the first time at a retreat and soon realized they would need to be retreat buddies for life! They both had a passion for having fun and digging deep with like-minded women. After their 3rd retreat together Orenda Retreats was born. They are so excited to bring their sense of adventure together with an amazing community of teachers to help women reconnect to their purpose and joy.

Angela Lindsay

Angela is a mother to 3 kids. Her older two are her bonus kids who have taught her so many lessons about being a mom. She has been married for 10 years and lives in Washington State. She juggles being a stay-at-home mom and working at the local high school to be involved with her older kids. Her passion for holding retreats for women was born when she went to her first retreat–where she had a deeply moving experience that opened her eyes to a different level of connection than she realized was possible. Her mission now is to help other women fill their cups, and help facilitate their learning to truly care for themselves--which is a gift that lasts a lifetime!


April Emanuelson

April Emanuelson also lives in Washington State, is a mom of 3, is a certified LEAN (Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition) Coach for children and adults, and is certified in Functional Nutrition. She teaches simple tools that help the busiest of people to make lasting changes to better their health. Recently she has become a gut geek, and loves sharing the exciting discoveries that are helping us understand the most important basis of our health, our digestion! She will be designing the menu for this retreat to not only make every meal delicious but also nourishing and healing. You will get to experience food at its freshest and finest! Also, being a professional friend collector is one of her true passions! Her goal in life is to connect women to other amazing women for true support, healing, and lifetime connections. The speakers and activity leaders at this retreat are hand-picked and some of her now dearest friends. You will walk away with an instant support network that will last well after this amazing weekend. ❤️